About us

With pride in our work and passion to provide a premium quality service, we are a company that will brighten up your life. Thousands of completed project and countless emergency repairs, the smile on our customers’ faces is what made us believe that this statement perfectly reflects what we specialize in. Thanks to so many years of experience and setting customer satisfaction as our key measure of success, we have a pleasure to offer you complete glazing services. Here are the ways we can brighten up your life.ManGlazing

  • Single glazing

  • Walk on Glass

  • Velux window

  • Window repairing

  • Double glazing

  • Sky Light Glass

  • Shower Screen

  • Hinge repairing

  • Laminated Glass

  • Mirror

  • Patio Door repairing

  • Emergency boarding up.

  • Fire safety Glass

  • Thoughened Glass

  • Front Door repairing Locksmith

  • Fire safety Glass


The story behind the glaziers who can brighten up your life

Dear customer,

It is a great pleasure to share a story with you, which was written with hard work, attention to feedback and willingness to satisfy you – our customers. Back in 2009, just after moving into the UK my lifetime adventure with the glazing industry began. Stating off as a helper in a glazing company it took me six months to become one of the engineers in the company. I must tell you that it was a back breaking job where every day looked the same but the reason behind these words is what made me become a specialist who simply loves his job.

The focus of that company was the quantity of services and windows sold. Customers’ needs were put to a second line and the sales team would only offer products with high margin and which did not require much labour from us, the fitters. The amount of sales put so much pressure on the calendar, that work could not be completed to high standard and with attention to detail. After two years of such practice their sales dropped to a minimum and they had no choice but to shut.

It may sound horrible, but their failure helped me to choose a path which to me and my customers has been the best choice. Our customers need are the inspiration to every project. Our experience and knowledge are the factors that make each project a one of a kind piece of art. The city of London, where the old meets the modern on every street we can turn glazing into something special. Whether it is a refurbishment of old windows, fitting new double glazing or patio doors and many, many more, with us your options are countless.

I would like to thank our whole team and all the customers who trusted us with their glazing needs. Thanks to my cycling hobby, I am able to see a lot of our happy customers and have a chat in much better circumstances than when we met them, I hope that I will be able to meet all of you with a smile on the face rather than with glass cracking underneath our shoes.

Gracjan Kosmatka

Before / after

I’m sure as a whole team we have passed the mark of one million photos from work. It will be crazy to put them all here but please take a look at some of our work before and after our engineer is done.


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