Through almost 10 years of operating and providing glazing services, we have served thousands of customers for many different reasons. Each job has a different story to it but the solution may often be the same or similar. To make it easier for you, we have created a helpful list of those questions which have been brought up repeatedly by our customers over time. If the answer to what you’ve been looking for isn’t here, our customer advisors and engineers are always happy to answer your questions. Just chose a way to contact us from below.

How long…

does it take to replace a window/glass?
There are too many factors which can impact on the length of the service carried out. These factors could be the access, type of window or availability of materials at the time of the service. If you would like to find out an estimate answer to this question, please contact us directly by phone or email.
does it take for a replacement piece of glass to be supplied?
Whether it is single or double glaze, we are able to get a replacement for you within a couple of hours. No matter what the location of the repair or what the dimensions of the size are.
is the term of warranty, for work carried out by your engineers and products supplied?
Our typical length of warranty is 3 years and this is for products and the manual work carried out by us. The terms and conditions of the warranty can be provided on request before any arrangements are made between us and the customer.
is the quote I received valid for?
The duration of the quotes depends whether it is regarding an emergency booking or a standard booking. Price for the emergency bookings is based on the current time and the density of work we have at that specific time. Therefore these quotes are only valid for 24 hours. Quotes provided for bookings which don’t have to be completed ASAP, are valid for 7 days. It also depends on the current availability of glass in the are of the job and what distance will need to be covered to collect it.

How to get a free quote?

What are the ways of contacting?
We are very flexible in terms of contacting us. This is to make sure we are available to reach by anyone, wherever they are and whatever their circumstances are at a specific moment. You can contact us via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or traditionally you can call us. Contact details can be found on the footer of each page.
What information do I need to provide in order to obtain a free quote?
The easiest way is to take a few pictures or a video and send them to us on either Facebook, WhatsApp or via email. If you can’t take a picture or video, or you wish to contact us by phone then you will need to give us the height and width of the glass which needs replacing. Also, which ever way of contacting you chose we will need the following: Contact telephone number and the address of the property where the repair is required. Finally, please make sure that you tell us when you need us to come around, if you need it as soon as possible please just write ASAP.
Do you do free valuation visits?
Yes, you can enquire about a valuation visit using your preferred method of contacting us provided on the website. Please tell us what is the best date and time to come around and we will get in touch to confirm.
Will the quote I received be the final price?
This is something that is dependant from many factors, therefore we will tell whether the price is final or not when we get in touch with you.

How does "Man Glazing" work?

What are your opening/operational hours?
For the safety of our customers we operate 24 hours a day for 365 days a year without any breaks. Our engineers in all areas, take shifts to make sure that they are always in the best physical condition to undertake an emergency repair.
What areas do you cover?
Our main coverage area is London and all of the Home Counties. We can get to any postcode within this area within two hours from receiving your call. In an emergency situation or under special terms we are happy to come to any place within the UK Mainland.
Is the work carried out by your engineers insured?
Yes, we have a public liability cover of one million. This covers any damage that may occur to your property, or items within your property during the time our engineer is on site. On request we can raise the amount of insurance up to a required sum.
Do you undertake jobs which aren’t part of glazing services? Such as handyman work?
We are always happy to help our customers. Our engineers are manually skilled tradesmen therefore they are often able to help with matters not involved in glazing. They also carry a lot of tools which can be used for multiple tasks. So if you would like a hand with anything else, please let us know while you are requesting a booking and we’ll see how we could help you.
Am I obligated to help the engineer in case the task is too hard for one man to handle?
Thanks to pictures or videos provided by you when getting the quote, we are able to determine if more than one man will be needed for the job. In situations where we have sent one engineer and it turns out he might need an extra hand, we will send a helper as soon as it is possible if you are not able to help.
Will I get a booking confirmation after agreeing to the price which I was quoted?
As soon as you confirm that you are happy to go ahead, we will send a confirmation via a text message and email. It will also include the Estimate Time Arrival.
What do I need to show to obtain a repair under your warranty terms?
In an event where a warranty repair is needed, you must show us the invoice or receipt received and send us a video or pictures of anything that you thin is wrong. From this we will be able to identify if the warranty includes the matter.

Payment and Invoicing.

What payments methods are accepted?
We accept the following payment methods:
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • Card Payments
  • Cheques
How will I receive an invoice/receipt?
We usually send out invoices via email, if you decide to pay by card it is done by our automated system. In case you paid cash after the repair is completed, an invoice is created and sent out via email as soon as the engineer brings the cash back to base. On request, we are happy to post the invoice to a required address.
Can my business details be added to the invoice?
Business details can be added to any invoice. However please make us aware before you make any payment.
Can you back date an invoice?
No, all invoices will show the date of when the payment was made. In situations where the payment was made prior or after the agreed repair date, if that is the case the invoice will show both dates.
Can I pay after the repair is completed?
Sure, we usually agree to payments after the engineer has finished. The payment will have to be done on site in cash or cheque. If you wish a bank transfer or card payment this will have to be processed while the engineer is still on site. Sometimes payment after the job is not possible as we may need a deposit to order the required materials.
Can I get a refund?
The only bookings which are refundable are those which are still over 48 hours before the date and time of competition.
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