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When you need high quality work from some of the most professional local glaziers London, Man Glazing is the company to contact with the team to trust. Our years of invaluable industry experience in glazier work in London ensures that all our work sets the standards you would expect with the guarantees to match. We boast a team of highly talented glass fitters London working across London on projects for residential as well as commercial customers.

From transforming shop front glass for London business owners to stunning window glass design for London homeowners, our glass fitters ofter solutions that are matched by the quality of the finish.

When you suffer damaged glass at your property, be it an accidental or criminal damage, our local glaziers London will be on site to deliver safe and secure solutions that make our glass fitters London some of the most highly regarded in the business. Our window glass design team in London ensures that we can match your glazing requirements with the glass that works for you, from fixing shattered glass to replacing panes in doors or windows.

If you need a glazier in London that guarantees quality solutions and expert work, from shop front glass to bespoke design glass, contact Man Glazing today, the local glaziers London customers can trust.

What We Offer

Local glaziers London - Glass fitters, glass repair, glass replace London

Man Glazing: Questions To Ask Your London Glazier

When you need a glazier London, Man Glazing is here to help. Whether it’s a shop front glass repair in London, or a new glass design for your London home, getting the best local glaziers London and doing all your research is the key to your results. Being a glazier in London is all about being reputable and working safely, as glass work can be dangerous for unqualified people as well as complicated.

Finding the glazier London that is right for you and your project is not always easy for those not familiar with the industry, which is why we want to help. When you talk to local glaziers London, be it for glass design or to fix your shop front glass windows, you need to ask some questions to establish their skills and suitability for your project.

At Man Glazing, we are proud to work with some of the finest local glaziers London, each one professionally experienced and accredited. For any glass design work in London, our glaziers are happy answer questions, so be sure to ask these questions before you select your glazier:

Glazier London Products

For all our glass design work in London, we offer a through quotation which is based on the quality of our products as well as service. You should always ask your local glaziers London about the products they have available and whether these products will fit your home or businesses design and requirements. Most glazier London offer a wide range of products and services, so ask about how they relate in terms of aesthetics and budgets. Man Glazing offers only quality products, making our glass design some of the best in London, and we are always careful to work with clients to establish the budget.

Timeframe/Schedule Of Glass Fitters London

For all glass design work in London and any project that involves glass repair or replacement, timing is important and for business premises and owners it is particularly critical and impactful. Long delays is not something you want, as it can cause both security issues as well as stopping trade, which is why your glazier London should be asked what timeframe and schedule they can guarantee for your glass design, repair, or replacement work to be done and completed.

Knowledge And Experience Of Your Local Glaziers London

When selecting a glazier London, experience and professional knowledge mean a lot. As well as being professionally certified and accredited, local glaziers London should offer superior industry skills and expertise. At Man Glazing, our local glaziers London are talented, professional and able to create superb results.

Condensation - double glazing repair London

It is a problem which can only be resolved by replacing your double pane for a new one. Vapour and misted double glaze windows, indicates a problem which should also be handled as soon as it is possible.

If you’ve observed such thing on one of your windows, it means that your window has lost the ability of insulating. The longer the you wait to replace such glass, the more it will cost you. Simply because your home will be losing heat quicker. Call us now, we are always available to come around and do a double glazing replacement London.

  • Single glazing

  • Walk on Glass

  • Velux window

  • Window repairing

  • Double glazing

  • Sky Light Glass

  • Shower Screen

  • Hinge repairing

  • Laminated Glass

  • Mirror

  • Patio Door repairing

  • Emergency boarding up.

  • Fire safety Glass

  • Thoughened Glass

  • Front Door repairing Locksmith

  • Fire safety Glass

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Glass Shop Front Installation in and around London

Building and creating an eye-catching glass design in London, especially for shop fronts, presents glaziers in London with a few challenges, with strict government commercial regulations to adhere to.

With Man Glazing doing the work, you can trust that our local glaziers London will create, deliver and install your glass shop front in London on time, within your budget, and to your complete satisfaction, every time.

Built to Last
All glass shop fronts in London that Man Glazing deliver and install are built with care and precision by a team of highly skilled craftsmen at our own workshop. Our local glaziers London use the best hard-wearing exterior coatings, alongside sealed laminated safety glass. This means that all our glass design in London is safe, secure and built to last, that’s the Man Glazing guarantee.

From offices to nightclubs, hotels to gyms, our glass shop front work in London is varied in style and guaranteed in quality. with choices including:

  • Timber and Glass shop fronts for London premises
  • Design and Installation Services by local glaziers across London
  • Aluminium Frames Delivering Strength and Security
  • In-House Custom Glass Design and Artwork
  • Etched Glass Designs to Incorporate Corporate Branding
  • Large Glass Exteriors, Maximising Display Areas

Glazier London Tips

Call local glaziers London if window repair is needed


Make sure everyone around is safe

Firstly check that nobody including you got hurt. Make sure that you keep children or pets away from the shattered glass. When everyone is safe and secure you can attempt to clean up the shattered glass. If for any reason you can’t clean it yourself, our glazier London will take care of it.


Call Man Glazing

Remember that a smashed window is a huge security risk. The quicker you contact Man Glazing the lower the risk will be. If you wish to call, please have the rough dimensions of the window ready, if you are contacting by facebook or whatsapp, please make sure the pictures are clear.


Final details and Estimate Time of Arrival

This is where we step into action. As soon as we get the address and we hear a “yes” about the quoted price, we will get our glass fitters London on the way. With just a single call, you can find out the possible solution, the cost of solution and the time in which our Engineer will arrive.


Replacing the shattered glass

If necessary we will first secure your property with OSB boards. This is just a temporary solution in case the pane isn’t available instantly. Boarding up is also done when you can not wait long for a complete repair to be carried out. Then we can arrange a final window repair London for your preferred date and time.

How Do Double Pane Windows Save Energy With Glass Fitters London Help?

Homes that have single glazed windows lose up to 40% of heat through their windows during the winter and up to 87% of unwanted heat comes into the house through the windows in the summer. Replacing single pane glass windows with double paned glass significantly reduces the heat loss during the winter. This can be seen by the reduction in your energy bills. The 2 panes of glass prevent more heat from escaping and slow down the heat that does escape. Thanks to your local glaziers London, your home will be warmer in the winter and more cooler in the summer.


Man Glazing - Glazier London Complete Projects

Over the past decade we helped a lot of customer with our emergency glazing services London, but not just. Whether it was a smashed shopfront glass or a mirror repair at home, we take pride in our work and want to share it with you. Please take a look at some of the Below&After photos below.

Bespoke Glass Box Replace London

When it comes to replacing damaged glass, with the work done by professional local glaziers, London has not better company. We are proud to offer glass repair London wide, ensuring that our clients have the best damaged glass replacement service anywhere in the capital.

With the value added by the professional guidance of our team and architects, our glazier in London is able to provide window repair that is done to the highest of standards, with a speciality in glass replacement work for large windows in grand rooms.

Using specialist techniques and the best materials available, our glass fitters in London will do glass replacement work in large spaces, with attention to detail that guarantees the finest glass repair done by local glaziers across London.

Whatever your property, our glass repair work in London will deliver the appearance and performance that you deserve and need. Contact us today for large scale glass repair work in London.

Our Glazier London Reviews

Check what our customers think about Man Glazing


Whenever you have a problem with patio door glazing, we are the company to call with the team to trust. Man Glazing has a team of local glaziers London-wide, all professionally accredited and certified, guaranteeing results of the highest quality. Our glass fitters in London always use the finest quality materials as well as trusted glass glazier London techniques, whatever the job may be. Put simply, whether shop front glass or your home, our glazier London team will get things looking perfect.

Glass Repair London: Double Glazed Windows

– For this, our glass fitters London use two panes of glass that are fitted to your patio door much like they would be on regular double-glazed windows, helping stabilize your temperature for warmth inside while delivering extra security.

Glass Repair London: Single Glazed

– Our local glazier London see this frequently, as it is a common choice where older patio doors are involved. As our glass fitters London will tell you, single glazed windows are usually cheaper to replace, with just one pane of glass involved. That said, they do tend to offer less energy-saving benefits and fewer security features.

Glass Repair London: Sliding Door

– Using their expert knowledge and experience, our glass fitters London can install these with double or single glazed glass but, unlike a traditional door opening, the whole pane slides to provide more open access to your garden.

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