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At Man Glazing, we take pride in being the premier glaziers in Wimbledon, serving customers in London with unmatched expertise and professionalism. With years of invaluable industry experience, our skilled team sets the highest standards for glazing work. Whether it’s residential or commercial projects, our highly talented glass fitters deliver personalized solutions that deliver efficient and effective results. From shop front glass installation to bespoke glass design, we offer impeccable craftsmanship and reliable service. We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction and guaranteeing the quality of our work. When you need top-quality glazing services in London, trust Man Glazing, the local glaziers in Wimbledon you can rely on.


Call Local Glaziers for Reliable Glass Services in Wimbledon


Safeguarding Residents' Well-being

Prioritise the safety of all individuals in the vicinity by meticulously checking for injuries and ensuring a safe distance from the broken glass. Our professional glazier Wimbledon experts are ready to assist if the cleanup proves challenging.


Partner with Wimbledon's Glass Specialists

Swiftly address the security concerns arising from a shattered window by contacting our specialized glazier Wimbledon professionals. When contacting us provide approximate window dimensions. For Facebook or Whatsapp inquiries, send clear and detailed pictures.


Timely Response with Precision in Arrival Estimates

Upon sharing your address and approving the quote, our skilled glaziers Wimbledon team will promptly make arrangements to provide an expert repair. A single call not only provides a repair estimate but also guarantees an accurate estimation of when our glazier Wimbledon experts will arrive at your location.


Tailored Glass Replacement Solutions

If necessary, take immediate steps to secure your property with durable OSB boards. This acts as a temporary measure when the required glass pane isn't readily available. Once the glass is ordered, we can efficiently schedule a conclusive window repair at your preferred date and time.

Dennis RodriguezDennis Rodriguez
14:34 19 Dec 22
Called the emergency glazier, for a broken window, they were bang on time and did an amazing job!
Roy HanoukaRoy Hanouka
14:13 10 Sep 22
First class service. Visited immediately and price was very reasonable. Highly recommend.
Munib RahmanMunib Rahman
08:36 04 Jul 22
This is the best service and the best guy! He squeezed me in after hours and worked hard to fix a difficult problem giving up his free time to help. On top of that the repair was of the highest standard and quality. I highly recommend him! Thank you for being so amazing!
06:13 04 Jul 21
Having bought an old home I needed some window repair and general window service in London, and this company was on hand to do a good job, promptly, and without fuss.
Daniel GristDaniel Grist
18:58 10 May 21
As a landlord, I often need various window service at my London properties, and I never use anyone but these guys. Great team, excellent work, every time.

What We Offer

Trusted Glaziers in Wimbledon Providing Quality Services

emergency window repair London

Emergency Glazing London

Our dedicated team swiftly replaces broken, shattered, or damaged window panes, as well as addresses mechanical faults with your windows and doors. From fixing jammed doors and windows to replacing hinges, locks, or handles, we provide efficient solutions. Additionally, we can replace old rubber seals to enhance the functionality of your windows.

glass design local glaziers London

Boarding Up London

Ensuring the safety and security of your property is our priority when your window gets smashed. If the glass can't be supplied and replaced immediately, we provide a complimentary boarding-up service until the glass replacement is available, giving you peace of mind.

emergency window repair emergency glazier London

Commercial Glazing London

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to our commercial clients. Our expertise goes beyond emergency glazing, as we provide professional advice and a variety of glass solutions for security enhancements or design transformations. Trust us to deliver the highest level of service and expertise for your commercial glazing needs.

glazier design glass London

Shop/Office Glazing London

Whether your shop front window has been vandalized or damaged accidentally, immediate replacement is crucial. Don't hesitate to contact us for emergency glazier services in London. Rest assured, we can swiftly respond and be on-site within two hours to restore the security and aesthetics of your premises.

Wimbledon Window Glass Replacement Guide: Determining the Need for New Windows

Safety Glass

Wimbledon property owners frequently opt for safety glass for window installation and repair, adhering to British Safety Standard BS 6206. This choice is prevalent in areas with a significant risk of accidental human impact. As a leading glazier Wimbledon company, we take pride in our commitment to safety. Our guarantee includes the use of safety glass, having the highest grade of toughened glass, which is designed to break into small, non-sharp pieces upon impact, achieved through advanced heat treatment processes.

Laminated Glass

Offering additional safety for shop owners and customers, laminated glass windows feature a layer of toughened plastic between two ordinary glass panels, reducing the likelihood of shattering into shards. Widely popular in Wimbledon, this type of window installation is suitable for various commercial spaces, both on the high street and beyond.

Decorative Glass

In Wimbledon properties, our window installations often incorporate decorative glass options. Stained glass coloured film and bevelled glass create architectural effects, while patterned or embossed glass offers a variety of textures such as leaves or flowers. Tailoring to client preferences, we provide different levels of coverage to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Wimbledon Glazing Options for Doors and Window Replacement: Available Types

Single Glass Glazing

Our window installations and repairs in Wimbledon feature single glass glazing with a thickness ranging from 3/32” to 9/16”. This option, consisting of a single layer of glass, is commonly chosen for its cost-effectiveness. While still utilised by our glazier Wimbledon installations, its popularity is on the decrease with the emergence of more energy-efficient window replacement choices.

Double Glass Glazing

Widely favoured in Wimbledon, double glazing provides homeowners with benefits such as heat and noise reduction. This option effectively retains heat, keeps cold out, and contributes to lowering your carbon footprint, leading to savings on heating bills.

Triple Glass Glazing

Considered the premier league of window service, triple-glazed windows utilise three panes of glass for enhanced efficiency. A standard choice in urban homes, triple glazing excels at retaining heat and keeping the cold out. Contact our glazier Wimbledon professionals today for top-notch service!

Masterful Window Repair Services

Enter the realm of unparalleled window repair services with our expert glaziers Wimbledon team. We are the leading specialists in glass repair and replacement, we cater to all window types, including sash, casement, and tilt-and-turn. Our seasoned glazier Wimbledon experts provide efficient repairs and expert window replacement services, utilising top-tier materials to guarantee the durability and longevity of your windows. If you're in Wimbledon and detect chips, cracks, or discolouration in your windows, it's a clear indicator that our expert repair services are needed. In addition, we inspect window frames to ensure they are free from warping or damage. Contact us today for an expert, professional assessment and tailored advice on the best course of action for your window repair or replacement needs.


Man Glazing - Glazier London Complete Projects

Over the past decade we have helped a lot of customers with our emergency glazing London services. Whether it is a smashed glass shopfront or a smashed mirror, at home, we take pride in our work and want to share it with you. Take a look at some of the before and after photos of our projects below.

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