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Interesting Facts About Windows

Windows play an important role in every property, they allow light in, keep unwanted things out, defend against the elements and of course are involved in the aesthetics of the property. Many styles have evolved over hundreds of years, as has the functionality and aesthetics of windows.

Read on for 9 interesting facts about windows.

1. Historically, windows were made from animal hide, cloth, thin slices of marble, wood and even paper!

2. The heat lost from leaky, inefficient windows, skylights and glazed doors adds 25% to the average properties’ energy bills. Replacing inefficient windows for double glazed windows, with heat-resistant coatings and airtight frames can reduce your energy bills by 15%

3. The Burj Khalifer is a 2,717 foot fall building with 206 floors in Dubai. It extends up half a mile and has 34,318 windows. It takes a team of more than 30 window-washers around 3 months to clean all the windows.

4. The old English word for window, means eye-door or eye-hole.

5. It is recommended that you replace your windows after 20 years. Signs that they need changing include: cold drafts and inner window panes that collect frost and condensation.

6. Buckingham Palace has 760 windows, whereas the Whitehouse has 147.

7. Fiberglass is 10-25% more expensive, in comparison to vinyl, but it is much stronger and durable and adapts to temperature extremes better than both vinyl and wood.

8. The most popular and common type of windows in the US are double-hung windows, they have been installed in homes since the 1800′ s.

9. During electrical storms it is wise to avoid electrical appliances, wires and metal. It is also recommended to stay a reasonable distance from your windows as lightning can come in through cracks on the sides of your windows.

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