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Signs of When You Need to Replace Window in Your Home

Windows are the first line of defence in our homes, they prevent the entry of intruders, protect from the weather and stop heat escaping to keep us feeling comfortable. Most homeowners forget the important roles windows play in our lives. Windows are frequently exposed to harsh weather, which causes damages and breakage. Strong winds and heavy rainfall are the most common causes of window damage; windows can become cracked, frames warped and locks and catches can become damaged. Your windows can no longer protect from harsh weather or entry from unwanted elements, your home becomes unsafe and the security of your home is compromised.

Your windows are responsible for maintaining air flow and insulating against cold temperatures. Damaged windows can no longer carry out this role efficiently which decreases the energy efficiency of your home. Consequently your energy bills rise significantly.

Some damage is not visible to the eye, signs to look for are: windows that stick, draughty windows, and the presence of water. Rotten wooden frames or warped and shrunken frames also indicate damage, UPVC windows often show the presence of mould around the edges.

If your windows are damaged or broken, it is important to contact professional glaziers quickly; whether you want to repair damaged windows, or completely replace old windows for new ones. New windows will significantly reduce your energy bills and restore comfort and security back to your home. The cost of the windows will in time be returned back to you through the reduction of energy costs. Benefits to installing new windows are, they will insulate against the cold weather keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and restore privacy, making you feel secure. Double glazed windows are a good investment, they will insulate against sound and will sound proof your home from outside noise.

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