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The designers agree! Check why a walk-in shower no doors is the best for new houses!

If you are the homeowner of a new build you have the opportunity to design or choose the perfect bathroom or shower room for you and your family. Walk-in showers are a practical, attractive choice for bathrooms large and small. Create a gorgeous walk-in shower whether you’re working with a tight space or have plenty of room to fill. These walk-in shower ideas will add some luxury and make your bathroom your favourite place.

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Walk-in showers don’t have a door, unlike traditional showers. Instead, they have floor-to-ceiling glass panels which separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom and open space where the door would be. One end of the shower is open to the room and can be used to dry off, while the opposite end is the showering area with a glass screen. The omission of a shower door results in a seamless entrance into the shower. These types of showers are becoming progressively more popular, especially in new houses, they create a feeling of luxury that traditional showers can’t compete with.

What benefits do walk-in showers with no doors have?

Walk-in showers have many advantages, such as making the bathroom appear bigger. They are a great option for adding smart, contemporary style to any bathroom. 

  • The Perfect Choice for a small bathroom

Walk-in showers are ideal for small bathrooms as they help to create the illusion of more space. A bulky shower enclosure means you have to account for the space taken up by shower doors and a high tray, but opting for a walk in shower removes the need for this space.

  • Creates a bigger and brighter space

Installing a walk-in shower without a tray means that it can be fitted into any size or shape tight space. Having a single glass screen allows light to reflect and makes small bathrooms look larger and brighter 

  • Easy to use

A walk in shower with no doors has a big advantage compared to traditional showers when it comes to how easy it is to use. Specifically, this benefit is for people with limited mobility. The doorless design means that people with limited mobility and the elder no longer have to lift their leg over to get in a bath or step down into a traditional shower enclosure. They can literally just walk in! 

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning involves a glass screen, a shower tray and a shower head, this makes walk-in showers with no doors easy to maintain and very easy and quick to clean. 

  • Designer style that adds value

The popular modern walk in shower design has clean lines and minimal looks. These showers give a high end feel to your bathroom and make a statement of luxury. A walk in shower can help you sell your house, as it makes a good selling point.

  • Durable design

Walk-in showers have minimal fitting and there are no moving parts, this means that your shower will be durable and will last for many years. With no moving parts to repair you shouldn’t need to spend any expense or repairs.

Can my bathroom fit a walk in shower with or without doors?

Bathroom remodels and renovations are a very common home improvement and many homeowners are installing walk in showers designs without doors. There are also homeowners that are installing walk in showers and walk in glass shower doors.

We lead a busier life now compared to the past and many people prefer taking a shower rather than having a bath. So, walk-in showers have risen hugely in popularity and are set to remain on trend for some time. Installing a walk in shower  with no doors or, with doors, will give your home a practical, stylish, showering solution. A solution that is practical for all age groups including the young and the elderly with restricted mobility. Shower doors for walk-in showers are also popular. Many people install a walk-in shower, then order walk in shower doors.

Whether you want a walk in shower with no doors or a walk in glass shower doors attached, there is a design suited for you and your bathroom. If you are dealing with a smaller bathroom and restricted space, there are a number of walk in shower designs that will make your bathroom seem more spacious. At the same time adding luxury and style to the room. 

Grey tiles in combination with wooden tiles in a large bathroom equipped with walk-in glass shower doors

Fixed glass panels are one example of doorless shower ideas that make a small bathroom more spacious. The glass panels act as shower walls and create an airy, open look, which will make you feel like you are in a spa. All of the designs below feature glass panels, although not always fixed.

  • A recessed shower fits into an alcove and is ideal for replacing a bath. Here you have a single glass screen which can be fitted to the left or the right depending on your preference.
  • A corner shower will fit into any of the corners in the bathroom, it features two glass screens.
  • A rectangular shaped walk in shower is flanked by either framed panels or frameless panels for a stylish modern design.
  • A curved enclosure, this involves 2 side panels and a rounded glass door to give it a contemporary aesthetic.
  • A neo-angle enclosure walk in shower is ideal for small bathrooms, a modern and contemporary aesthetic, a combination of a rectangular and curved shower.

What size walk in shower glass shower doors do I  need?

For those of you who still prefer a traditional shower enclosure with a door that closes there’s no reason why your bathroom shouldn’t be as luxurious as those with walk-in showers without doors. The size of walk in glass shower doors that you need depends upon the size of your shower and the room you have available in your bathroom. There are many different shower designs and shower doors are available in many shapes and sizes. A little online research for glass doors will quickly reveal the multitude of options available to choose from. You can choose from pivot doors, bypass doors, round doors, sliding doors, framed doors and even frameless doors.

  • Sliding doors—or bypass doors—are the most popular type of shower doors, these are 2 glass doors on a track that can slide from side to side, they are space-saving and great for small spaces and corners
  • Pivot doors are swinging shower doors that can rotate 180 degrees on a floor-mounted hinge. These doors are attractive and modern, but you need a large space to install them.
  • Hinged doors are attached to a hinge in the wall. This allows for the height of the door to be varied. A hinged door requires less space than a pivot door but still needs a certain amount of space.
  • For tight spaces or a corner shower, a neo-angle door may be the best door for you. The door is centred between the shower panels and is designed to open out into the room to maximize space both inside and out of the shower.  
  • Curved shower doors fit on rounded shower trays, or flush with tile floors, with a curved glass enclosure and track-guided bypass doors that make them ideal for corner shower stalls. These are fantastic in small spaces, they look stylish.

There are also choices to be made about the type of glass: clear, frosted or tinted to name a few. There are so many choices to be made when it comes to installing a glass shower. It’s best to get a professional glazier in to measure up so that you know how much room you have and then you can decide upon a style.

White bathroom with black elements and walk-in shower doors

Designer glass showers in shops vs. local glazier – Shop wise

Transforming your bathroom with a new glass shower doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact with some wise shopping you may find that you can get a custom made glass shower in your price range no problem and may even have some change!

You have renovated your bathroom or you are thinking of changing your bathroom in the future and you have been window shopping to research showers, their styles and prices. You will find in many shops different glass walk-in showers either ready made, or which can be ordered to your specifications. Many of these showers, especially if they possess a designer name, will be fairly costly. If you have looked into a few shops you will see that all the prices are the same, so that must be how much they cost right? Wrong! Instead of going to a fancy well known store to get your shower contact your nearest glazier. Using a glazier means that you can get a custom made glass shower, designed uniquely for your bathroom for less that the prices of showers in the shops. Doing it this way cuts out the middleman and saves you money. Contact your local glazier and see what they can offer. You won’t be sorry!

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