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All About Glass Repair – Man Glazing Glass Restoration and Glass Repair Service London

When it comes to glass repair in London, it’s inevitable, as we know that glass breaks. Whether it’s a cricket ball in the window or an accident while doing DIY, glass crack repair and boarding is something London home and business owners often experience. If you want high quality and safe double glazing repairs in your London property, calling in the professionals is the best advice we can give.

As well as the safety problems they can cause, cracked or broken window panes ruin the look of your home, both good reasons for having our glass repair service in London whenever you need it. Our services include double glazing replacement at London homes, and glass crack repair at London businesses, with much more we can do too. Contact us when you need quality glass repair anywhere in London.

Why is it so important to Repair a Window that is even slightly damaged?

Man Glazing: We Do more than just cracked Glass

Easy to ignore they may be, but when you need even a small glass crack repair at your London home or business, you know it has to be done. Without timely glass repair, your entire glass area will be dangerously compromised, not to mention losing heat or letting in the cold. At Man Glazing, we offer double glazing repairs, glass repair, and glass crack repair all across London, helping you keep your place looking great, and maximising the all important energy efficiency that windows play such an important part of.

Difference between Glass Repair and Glass Replace London

Double Glazing Repairs London

When it comes to getting double glazing repairs in London, you should consider all your options. Some windows are so damaged that a glass replacement is necessary, but some could be salvaged by a glass repair job at your London premises.

Our glass repair service in London is done by our team of experienced and talented double glazing repairs team, who can do full glass repair on many window panes without needing to remove the entire frame, which keeps costs down for our customers.

Additionally, our glass repair service in London is versatile and available for work on many different styles and sizes of glass, allowing you to keep what you have and again not have to pay for a full re-glazing job at your London site.

Our glass repair work in London often requires replacing the cracked or missing pane.
For this, our glass repair team in London will:

  • Carefully remove broken glass panes including window pane putty)
  • Remove any existing glazing points
  • Oil and repair the window frame
  • Clean the interior of the frame and apply new putty
  • Install new glass, putty and glazier points

Double Glazing Replacement London

There are times when the only solution to a cracked or damaged window is to get double glazing replacement at your London home or commercial premises. At Man Glazing, we know that customers would prefer glass repair or glass crack repair to save money and time, but that is simply not always a safe or viable option.

For example, double glazing replacement in London premises is necessary If the seal on your window has failed, as other quick fixes for this fog-creating problem simply won’t last, and nobody wants the fog between the window panes to be a permanent problem.

If the muntins or munions, the dividers in a window, are also broken, double glazing repairs are not going to be good enough, and the whole window should be replaced. Wood windows where the frame starts to rot, that is another issue that can damage the integrity of the entire window, at which point full double glazing replacement work is what we recommend to our London clients.

Replacing Glass Windows: Common Reasons for
Glass Repair in London Properties

Whether it is from storm damage to a cricket ball flying through your front door, double glazing repairs and glass repair in London homes is something most homeowners do at some stage. At Man Glazing, we focus on glass repair, glass replace jobs and glass crack repair in London homes and businesses.
Having to do a glass replacement can be for one of many reasons, including:

Broken panes
Broken panes often lead to a glass replacement job in London homes, one of the most common causes of window glass replacements, whether it’s a chip, crack or gaping hole.
Major scratches
Scratches can be a real eyesore and cause weaknesses in the window glass itself, leading to further damage or shattering. This often requires glass repair.
Condensation in between double-glazed glass is both annoying and generally means the window glass needs to be replaced.
Draught issues
Issues caused by damaged glass or the window pane coming away from the frame.