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At Man Glazing customer service and client satisfaction are behind everything we do. Our lamination and glass installation work across London sets industry standards and comes with our service and results guarantee.

Whatever the project, be it large glass installation in a London corporate building or shower door installation in your London home, we have a dedicated project manager to oversee the entirety of your glazing project including, from survey to sign off.

Our glass installation work in London also allows for the services of our trusted carpenter, ensuring that you receive the highest quality internal finish, every time.

Most popular type of glazing – Double Glazed Windows – Man Glazing Glass Installation London

When you decide that you want an upgrade, a reinvigoration, or a rejuvenation, a new glass installation at your London property can be just the thing to do it. Whether replacing old windows or rgetting a new shower screen installation, we are here to give you a wide range of options. Our glass installation in London includes windows that incorporate UPVc, aluminium and timber.

Thanks to our established experience and industry knowledge, or glass installation and toughened glass installation work across London has been done in properties including Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian builds, some that make use of sash windows, whereas the semi-detached and detached 1930’s builds mainly use timber windows.

Using your bespoke and preferred glass specifications, we can create the perfect window for every property, making us truly trusted glass installation specialists in London.

Reasons for changing original double-glazed windows include:

  • Improved thermal regulation/solar control
  • Improved Sound/draft proofing
  • Upgrading to maintenance-free products
  • Upgrading Home security
  • Reducing double glazed condensation
  • Changing the colour and style of existing windows

Man Glazing offers any type of Glass Installation London

Glass Wall & Shower Door Installation London

Using glass wall panels for glass installation projects in London is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Separating a bedroom from a bathroom, or dividing bathroom space can be done effectively and stylishly with a shower door or shower screen installation at your London home.

Glass Partition Wall Installation for Offices

Getting a partition wall installation done at your Londno office is simple for the team at Man Glazing. As well as creating an aesthetically pleasing focal point, it can seamlessly separate your office space into whatever you need, a real benefit of a partition wall installation.


Glass Balustrade Installation

When you use Man Glazing to get a balustrade installation at your London property, you will be getting quality work and glass that is extremely strong, using a material that is always suitable for use as a railing infill. From the mounting method for the glass to the addition of a cap rail or U-profile to the top of the glass, our glass installation team in London will do what it takes to get lasting results.

Skylight Installation

At Man Glazing, our skylight installation work in London includes bespoke minimal frame skylight designs that are carefully crafted to create beautiful aesthetic external looks, with a completely frameless internal element that delivers an outdoor feeling to your internal home and working spaces. Our glass skylight installation teams in London can use custom made frames to build around existing old structures or new builds.

Georgian Wired Glass London

When it comes to skylight installation and lamination work in London properties, Georgian wired glass is a wonderful choice, a type of clear glass which contains the steel mesh embedded into the actual glass during the molten phase of the manufacturing process.

As well as the aesthetic qualities, Georgian wired glass in London homes offers much more security than traditional, non-wired glass. Additionally, it has a fire rating of 60 minutes when it is glazed into any fire door.

At Man Glazing do many of the most common applications of Georgian wire glass including:

In terms of windows, partitions and fire doors in many different buildings where safety glass is not a required element.

In fire integrity products, to help and restrict the spread of hot gases and flames.
Georgian Wired Glass available in both obscured and clear versions.

Our Georgian wired glass service in London allows us to do bespoke work, where we cut each of these options for your specific project, and provide strength, integrity and resilience to your architectural needs.

We can customize the glass for you to provide an obscured pattern for additional privacy. It is virtually shatter proof, as well as fire proof to provide superior protection and durability.