How To Clean Glass Shower Doors from Hard Water Stains

Cleaning the shower can be a difficult job, no thanks to the triple threat of soap scum, moisture and hard water stains that build upon the glass. Many homeowners ask how to clean glass shower doors so that the hard water stains are completely removed.  Hard water is a big problem when [...]

Interesting Facts About Windows

Windows play an important role in every property, they allow light in, keep unwanted things out, defend against the elements and of course are involved in the aesthetics of the property. Many styles have evolved over hundreds of years, as has the functionality and aesthetics of windows. Read on f [...]

Soundproof Windows

In most modern homes, ceilings and walls can both absorb and block sound waves. That is not the case with most windows, however. More specifically, it is the glass panes that do not absorb those shock waves. When you have outdoor noise coming into your home, the most likely story is that the windows [...]

Signs of When You Need to Replace Window in Your Home

Windows are the first line of defence in our homes, they prevent the entry of intruders, protect from the weather and stop heat escaping to keep us feeling comfortable. Most homeowners forget the important roles windows play in our lives. Windows are frequently exposed to harsh weather, which causes [...]